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The company, located in Ji-Paraná city (central region of the State of Rondônia) was inaugurated on May 8, 1998. The project was an initiative by entrepreneurs Acir Marcos Gurgacz and Paulo Cardoso, with financial support from ADA - Agência de Desenvolvimento da Amazônia (Amazon Development Agency, former SUDAM) and the federal government through FINAM - Fundo de Investimento da Amazônia (Amazon Investment Fund).
Field research in search of mines began in 1992 when a team of geologists started exploring the entire state of Rondônia and the northern part of Mato Grosso state.
Several granite rock deposits were found in large sizes and quality for use as ornamental rocks in coverings in the civil construction industry.

Visits to Italy were made at the same time to select equipment for use in the processing. The founders also participated in fairs and events related to the sector in other countries, like the United States and Asian countries, seeking to update their knowledge on the potentialities of consuming markets.

The project was only concluded in 1996, and three phases are foreseen until its definitive implementation.

It began the following year with construction of the plant in Ji-Paraná and purchase of mining equipment to operate the quarries.
The processing plant was inaugurated in 1998, and started operating with only 2 cutting machines (SIMEC) with installed capacity for 8,000 m²/month of sawn slabs and an 18-head polishing machine (SIMEC) for 15,000m²/month of burnished and polished slabs, concluding the first phase.
In the second-half of 2001, 3 more cutting machines were installed, increasing productive capacity to 18,000 m²/month of sawn slabs, concluding the project’s second phase.

The third phase foreseen was only concluded in December 2002 with installation of the tile line, whose productive capacity is 450 m²/day. It has been five years since the company was created to date.
Many jobs were created. Many victories were won. Many barriers were broken. There is still a lot to overcome, and the story will continue to be written on polished and burnished stone overseas.





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