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GRAMAZON, the most modern granite processing industry in the North of Brasil, produces 210.000 m2 of calibrated tiles, polished slabs an special pieces per year.

GRAMAZON is a giant in the forest, where everything in the Brasilian Amazon Region is very big. With the largest and most exuberant tropical forest on the face of the earth (3.6 million squere kilometers) and with 20% of the fresh water of the entire planet (the Amazon River is the largest river in the world, both in volume and length), the region has one of the richest varieties of animal, plat and mineral species in the world.


GRAMAZON operates with the most advanced equipament imported from Italy generating competitiveness and safety in the activities of its team.

GRAMAZON ofers standadized and calibrated beveled 10 mm (3/8") e 19 mm (3/4").

Gramazon | A Giant in the Forest
Fone: 69 3411 5000 / Caixa Postal: 351
rua Orestes Matana 301, Ji-Paraná-RO
Bairro Distrito Industrial / CEP: 76904-515

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